Fees / Refund Policy


Tuition and Fees

Application Fee (Non Refundable)   $ 100

Graduation Fee                                  $   50
Core Courses $200 per course          $1800
Comprehensive Exam                       $ 400
Dissertation Proposal                        $ 800
Dissertation Submission & Defense $2000

CAC OMD program Total:               $5150

Continuing Education per course      $ 210

Tuition and fees must be paid by credit card or check for students in the United States. Overseas students must pay by credit card or via bank transfer of funds.

Tuition may be paid before undertaking each section. Receipt of the tuition fee will enable the student to access the applicable courses.

All fees and tuition must be paid in full before transcripts, diplomas or the Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree will be issued.  

A credit card charge that does not go through for any reason is subject to a $25.00 Declined Card charge.  Any personal or business check returned to CAC by the bank for any reason is subject to a $50.00 Returned Check fee.  For PayPal and other service payment systems, please add 5% to cover processing fees.


A student may withdraw from the Doctoral program at any time.  A student wishing to withdraw must inform the school in writing.    Withdrawal from a course or from the entire OMD program becomes effective on the day the written notification is sent via email to the Director of Administration and Student Services.

A refund will be made of charges already paid, with the exception of non-refundable fees, paid through attendance at the first class of any core course or continuing education course or the seventh day after registration for any Dissertation related course.   The first class session is determined as students signing into the online class.  After the first class tuition is refunded on a pro-rated basis for the unused portion of tuition, only if you completed 25% or less of the course after which no refunds will be made.  A written, dated cancellation, including student name and student identification number must be submitted by email to the Director of Administration and Student Services.

The refund of applicable charges will be mailed or credited to the student’s credit card within forty five (45) days following the receipt of the written cancellation notice.